Your translation can be certified by a number of entities, such as Notary Public, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, lawyers and solicitors (Decree-law nº 237/2001 30 August). A surcharge will be applied.

According to the IRN, the translation of documents to instruct or serve as basis to a registry act may be performed by the following services or entities:

  • It can be done by a qualified translator and certified by any of the services or entities mentioned below
  • General Register Office;
  • Civil Registry;
  • Portuguese Consulate at the country where the document was issued;
  • Consulate which represents in Portugal the country where the document was issued;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry, recognized under the terms of Decree-Law nº 244/92, from 29 October;
  • Lawyers and solicitors.

Note that the person to which the document refers, as well as respective spouses or relatives as referred in e), paragraph 1 of Art. nº 68 of the Notary Public Code cannot act as the translator, as he is not legally recognized. 
Source: Instituto dos Registos e Notariado

Should you need to apostille an official document, you must address the PGR (Prosecutor General’s Office).

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