More and more companies are becoming aware of the value of a company specific terminology. By using a termbase we can ensure that all terms are used consistently in all texts and languages. That way your company’s communications will be clearer and easier to recognise.

Terminology is a set of technical terms and company jargon specially tailored to each client. Only a correct and precise word choice can save costs and time and at the same time ensure quality and accuracy.

At IdiomaGlobal this service is free!

How do we create a termbase?

If the client does not have a termbase, we will start one with the first translation order. After entering all terms, the list will be send to the client so that he can adapt all terms to its corporate language. At this point, the client’s cooperation is very crucial. Translation work itself will only be started after this procedure. If there is no time to prepare the termbase before starting with the translation, it will be compiled during translation and sent to the client afterwards, so that it can be implemented later on.

Termbase management

The termbase will be updated continously.

Benefits of terminology management
  • Reduced translation times
  • Maximisation of consistency in our translation
  • You save money and time the longer you work with us, as terminology management avoids delays due to misunderstandings
  • You have access to a company-specific dictionary
  • For our business partners the terminology service is free!